A2Hosting Review 2019

Today I’ll do A2Hosting review to share my personal experience with it and my honest opinion why A2 Hosting is slightly ahead of other web hostings.

There are tons of web hosting options out there, I’ve tried ’em all. And you know what? A2Hosting quickly became one of the staples, I host the majority of my websites there, and everybody whom I recommended this hosting provider was incredibly satisfied.
I would like to share with you what exactly I use, WHY I use this and what is my take on it. Only that stuff that I’ve PERSONALLY tried and used for a while, so you can easily go ahead and try it for yourself.


Before A2Hosting I’ve tried numerous hosting providers, but nothing seemed to fit a №1 purpose of every online entrepreneur: get a website up and running correctly and securely within minutes. That’s what A2Hosting fulfills extremely well.

I love😍 their A2-Optimized WordPress solution. You just need to connect your domain, then 1 click to install WP… and you are done.

I use this hosting for most of my small-medium websites and funnels — that’s a gold medal and proof that it’s worth of your attention.


  • Included Free SSL and Optimized 1-click WordPress installation — this combination is RARE to find elsewhere
  • Very intuitive and straightforward interface, even for beginners
  • Responsive support, I haven’t experienced any case when support can’t help.


I don’t have any issues with this hosting provider whatsoever. The only thing that I can mention: if you have a really large online business, you’d better look at another solution — WPEngine.




I like it a lil bit more when it comes to large enterprise solutions on WordPress (yes, it exists, WP isn’t just a blog engine, it’s a powerful framework with tons of extensions).


Another top-notch solution and market leader. I use this for diversification of placement of my digital assets. And it also officially recommended by WordPress.com.

Final Thoughts

I hope this A2Hosting review gave you an idea of what hosting provider exactly is worth trying. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards building your online presence through it — just give it your own taste test.

Click this to get started with A2Hosting!

See you next time,

Val @ Advisorion