SEMrush Review 2019

In today’s article, I’ll share my 3 years experience using SEMrush DAILY. Hope that this SEMrush review it will give you a clue is it worth your time or not. Spoiler: it is 😉

If you don’t know what SEMrush is, here is an explanation:

SEMrush is a web application and all-in-one search engine marketing tool that allows you to analyze massive amounts of SEO data related to your site and your competitors, thus to gain advantage by knowing an objective information how to rank higher, pay less for PPC etc.


  • Spying was never so easy. Using this tool you can find out your competitor’s top keywords; check backlinks and its power; estimate traffic of other sites; CPCs; check keyword positions and history — as I stated above, just all in one place, that’s awesome!
  • Database by countries which updates at least once a day, so you can rely on up-to-date info
  • Useful to perform a site audit and report issues found.


As this is a professional instrument, there is a learning curve, which is mitigated by guides in the Help section.


Not a day without SEMrush — that’s how much useful and necessary it’s for my online business because it provides so much insight, so priceless info. And I hardly imagine that anyone can succeed online acting blindly. SEMrush gave me a clear vision and numbers to progress each day.


As it is my daily tool, I genuinely can recommend trying this tool if you’re serious about SEO and research. You gonna like it 😉

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This app is tailored specifically to keyword research and finding untapped and uncompetitive (or less competitive) keywords. Great choice for a specific purpose. I found there a bunch of keywords that weren’t anywhere else, neither on free nor on paid tools.

Hope that you find this SEMrush review as full of insights that are valuable in your own business.

Happy implementation and till the next time,

Val @ Advisorion